Hi, I'm Hannah, a wedding photographer based in Dorset, UK but I will travel all over the world for your wedding. Capturing two people madly in love ignites my soul. Every couple is unique, every love story is different and all these stories deserve to be told. For you, it's all about the emotions, the feelings and the little details like a small gesture, a quick but gentle touch or the cheeky smiles when you look at each other. These are the things that make you unique, and I'm here to keep those memories alive with my pictures. 

My photography style is cinematic, emotive and intimate. I draw my inspiration from movies, traditional film photography, the 60s & 70s and nature. I take images that look like they're straight out of movie scenes rather than the cheesy, smiley photos you already have a ton of on your phone. It's all about the vibes, connection and the love you feel in that very moment.




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