HI! I'm hannaH!


Born and raised in Germany, but I have chosen the beautiful Dorset area as my home away from home about 7 years ago. Why? Well, the most obvious reason. I fell in love with an amazing human. I am the mum of my little dude Finn and a very fluffy Cockapoo puppy called Rosie. I'm a vegetarian, queer, LGBTQ+ photographer, and a little hippie at heart.


your Romantic, Alternative
Dorset Wedding Photographer


  • Sarcasm is my love language

  • I love exploring, travelling & camping with my little family

  • I'm an Enneagram type 4 - prime example: emotional, creative, honest and expressive, I'm also a Slytherin (and not embarrassed about it)

  • Mountains are my happy place (also happy with BIG hills)

  • I'm an elder emo and couldn't live without music, even tho my playlists haven't changed much since 2015

  • I have quite a few tattoos, but I'm good at hiding them

  • I only have oat milk in my tea and coffee, but I can't live without cheese and Greek yoghurt

  • You'll always see me wearing a Fedora hat

  • I love Star Wars & Harry Potter (Finn is even named after a Star Wars character)

  • I care a lot about deep emotional connections, small talk is not one of my strengths

  • Crossfit is my newest passion

  • Obsessed with the 70s, leopard print, good cinematography and film (style) photography

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My Wedding CV

button hole pinner • sunset chaser •  

wedding co-ordinator • veil remover • venue explorer • boob tape expert • emergency MUA finder • provider of hydration tablets and ibuprofen • ninja dress do-er-upper • how-to-use-a-toilet-when-wearing-a-wedding-dress explainer • stain remover • cleaner of (sun)glasses • bouquet holder • hair fixer • petticoat saviour • wedding dress fluffer

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Photographers definitely have bucket lists, too. There's so many incredible places where I would LOVE to shoot a wedding.

If you're getting married at one of these venues, please get in touch. I have a special package for you.

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Then enough about me, let's talk more about my wedding photography style and the whole experience!

the experience.