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wedding photography

I know this whole photography thing can be a little bit intimidating. To calm your nerves, you can read more about my style, how I approach things and the whole experience here.


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It's time to break traditions - and have your wedding the way YOU want it. My heart beats for the small & intimate elopements, but also for the BIG untraditional weddings and wild parties. I love shooting weddings that really represent the couple. It's all about you and your love.

Camera Shy?

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Aka we really don't like standing in front of the camera. I feel you, I really dislike having my pictures taken, too. Therefore, I know exactly how you feel about this whole photography thing.

You don't need to worry about it all, 95 % of my couples are all camera shy. To make it easier for you, I will guide you through the session by giving you directions. I mean you could call it relaxed posing but everyone hates that word. Unless you are a model, you have no clue what to do in front of a camera, so we will rock this together as a team. One thing is really important though, unless it's a formal family shot, I will rarely ask you to stand still and look directly at the camera. 


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My editing style is moody, warm but true to the real tones. I adore black & white edits and usually deliver about 30 % of the images in B&W. Bright greens are not really my thing, so expect some beautiful muted green tones.


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Now the only thing missing is:  your wedding FILM! As much as I LOVE photography, there is nothing more powerful than photography and videography combined.

And luckily I work with the best videographer in the industry - Lauren aka ALL THE SPARKS.

Together were the ultimate duo, bouncing off each others ideas & making sure that your day will be bloody fabulous. 

We offer a joint package, you can find it here.

wedding STYLE

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You love your DocMartens but also love an old Manor House or a super stylish and unique venue? A party with epic music is more important to you than boring old wedding traditions? You also don't care if your outfit gets a bit muddy on a rainy day?

Well, if this sounds like you, then why aren't we friends yet!?

My favourite weddings are those that represent your personalities. I live for a good mixture of various styles. A bit of boho, a bit of vogue, some epic florals combined with some badass decor. 

photography style

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During your wedding day, I capture all the candid, authentic, romantic and messy moments. They tell the story of your day, they are the memories you never want to forget. 

I'm more of a hands-on photographer, but don't worry, I'm basically like an additional bridesmaid. I will blend in, but also help you get into your outfits, make sure you're on time, carry your bouquet, talk to your guests etc. My main goal is for you to have an epic day, and I'll do anything for you to achieve that.

I might occasionally ask you to move into the perfect light, but I only properly direct during family photos and the couple session.

My couple sessions are all about you and your love. I love the "touchy feely" pics, that transfer all of the emotions. The ones that look like straight out of a movie scene. However, I make sure that the session is all about you and your personalities and base the posing style on that. Even if you think you're not that "touchy feely" kind of couple, you might change your mind at the end of the session.

the connection

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For me it's all about the emotional connection: your connection and our connection. I actually think it is the most important thing. The better we vibe, the better your wedding pictures will be as it changes the whole experience of having your pictures taken.

I never use the word "clients" because my couples are not clients, they're friends. 

I'll be by your side before, during and after the wedding. I help you plan, I get your dressed & I'm there to capture the rest of your lives.

I am an LGBTQ+ photographer and  truly believe that everyone is beautiful. I celebrate ALL types of love and ALL types of people. I can't wait to hear more about you and hang out in the future!